Mountain Lionnounˈ(mount(ə)n ˌlīən/) - West Texas Wild Cat

Mountain Lion Oil & Gas is a Texas based, family owned company, whose primary focus is acquiring oil and gas leasehold and mineral interests in the Lower 48 of the United States. In total, Mountain Lion has interests in over 200 wells covering 38,000 gross unit acres in five states, and working interest partners with multiple world class operators, and leaders in exploration and production of hydrocarbons. With over 15 years of combined experience in landowner negotiations, we understand the value that mineral owners put into honest relationships and timely dealings.  


When a Mineral Owner needs Cash, but doesn't want to sell their Mineral Rights, Mountain Lion Oil & Gas is here to help with a Royalty Advance. For owners with no interest in parting ways with a family asset but would enjoy the financial benefits, our Royalty Advance provides you with a current financial benefit while retaining ownership. Mineral valuation comes with a substantial amount of paperwork and oil and gas expertise, usually making it uneconomical for local banks. With Mountain Lion's intimate knowledge of oil and gas producing royalties in Texas, we are able to provide quick valuations and short closings. Call Mountain Lion today to get started!


Mountain Lion Oil & Gas is actively purchasing and making offers for oil and gas leases in Texas and New Mexico. Mountain Lion’s chief area of interest is in the oily Permian Basin located in West Texas and Southern New Mexico. Targeting the Bone Springs & Wolfcamp formations in the Delaware basin, and the Sprayberry & Wolfcamp zones in the Midland Basin. Mountain Lion is also currently purchasing mineral rights and royalties in multiple counties in central Oklahoma in the SCOOP-STACK, North Louisiana under the Haynesville and any East Texas Cotton Valley production. Due to our roots as some of the first boots on the ground, Mountain Lion maintains and pursues overrides and royalties under the Marcellus and Utica Shales in Pennsylvania and Ohio. With the renaissance of the Austin Chalk and EagleFord, Mountain Lion has directed funds and resources to Southern and East Texas counties.


Mountain Lion Oil & Gas has found a successful track record in Partnering with Mineral owners, instead of outright purchases for non-producing minerals. By selling a percentage of the interest (10-50%), mineral owners can join forces with seasoned Lease negotiators to leverage the company’s experience and network. In turn, mineral owners know that Mountain Lion is working for them, and demanding the most favorable terms, highest lease bonuses, and best royalties while not blowing up a deal. With a partner sharing the same property, it is in the company’s best interest to get a well drilled, and monthly royalty production checks coming in the mailboxes as soon as possible.   
Mountain Lion also facilitates in selling their producing interest for liquid cash in a large lump sum of money without having to wait for years. Our focus is making the most Competitive market value offers, in turn immediately putting money in the landowner’s pocket. Divesting all or some of a mineral interest, allows owners to diversify or invest money into another asset that grows versus a depleting one. If you have any questions, inquiries or comments, please feel free to contact us by using the link below.


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